Our programs are carefully planned by our trained teachers and are implemented to help support children during their learning process.

Preschool Canada embeds the following documents into their everyday program.

> How Does Learning Happen


> Think, Feel, Act

The following 4 foundations are from How Does Learning Happen. Our qualified teachers include these core foundations into our classroom each and every day.

  1. Belonging – feeling a sense of connection to others. Feeling valued and that you belong. Building relationships with others and making contributions to classroom. Being able to express yourself and feel accepted.
  2. Engagement – Involved and focused. Exploring the classroom with no boundaries. Allowing and exploring their curiosity. Participation of activities and play. This is an important foundation that allows for learning and developing of skills such as; problem solving, creative thinking, innovating, exploring curiosity.
  3. Expression – To be heard and to be listened to. Providing opportunities to explore and express themselves. Language rich environments support communication skills.
  4. Well-Being – Be aware of the importance of physical and mental well-being. Encourage self- regulation skills and a sense of self.

Our staff also provide families with a developmental progress report to help parents understand where their children are developmentally and together to come up with goals to help their child succeed. This is done 2 times a year. Our staff use the NDDS report (Nipissing District Developmental Screen). This form is also used by doctors and other health care professionals.

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