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Eh to Zed Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy believes in a well-designed learning environment that plays a key role in the quality of children's exploration, play and interests. Our furniture and materials are accessional and engage largely in how our children in our care learn during indoor and outdoor spaces. We believe in a calming, natural, and accessible environment where children can easily adapt to the environment where it allows children to enhance their self-regulation, creativity, and communication skills.

While designing our classrooms at Preschool Canada Campuses, a great amount of time is spent planning all the furniture used in the children's best interest. It allows the children to investigate different senses and problem-solve through open-ended material, improving their physical health and emotional well-being.

For the children's safety, Eh to Zed Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy Design Team works with Avron and NaturalPod to ensure that the items purchased are safe for children and the environment. Preschool Canada ensures the selection for each campus meets the needs of engaging and collaborative learning approaches for the children, the ministry of education and the ministry of health.

Eh to Zed Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy is always growing and looking for ongoing changes and upgrades to our campus design plans to ensure that children feel welcomed and safe while in our care.

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