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At Eh to Zed Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy, we provide a welcoming, nurturing, safe, and caring environment which includes an interrogational schedule that right for your child. While your child attends our childcare campuses, you will obtain a daily report, access to Sandbox Software/App, and our educators will share with you some FABULOUS moments of children learning development!

The first transition from childcare is always the hardest! But our program allows children to gain a bonding relationship with other children their age and our wonderful educators, which makes it a smoother transition.

Twice a year, our educators complete individual reports for parents. Our Campuses use a variety of Developmental Screening Tools, which is provided and discussed with the families. These tools allow families to view their child’s development stages and allow educators and parents to work closely together to ensure their child succeeds at their own pace.

At Eh to Zed Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy, our campuses are an all-day childcare program licensed and registered with the Ministry of Education.

Infants / Younger than 18 months

Classroom Size: 10 children | 3 Educators

Learning through Play and Emergent Curriculum

In an infant's world, we understand that they are just starting to discover the world around them by exploring their senses. The equipment and materials we use are appropriate for this age group and meet all their needs to support them in developing their learning skills, following the Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) document.

  • Literacy Skills,
  • Social and Emotional Skills,
  • Physical Skills (Fine and Gross Motor skills), etc.

What does this mean?

At Preschool Canada, we follow the Emergent/Play-Based Curriculum. We encourage children to learn through play; while children play and adapt to the classroom environment, their interests navigate our educator's planning for day-to-day experiences. Our educators observe, document and plan through children’s interest in play.

Our educators ensure to plan their programming for the day to be interactive and creative for every child based on their interest in play by following “How Does Learning Happen?” Document. They ensure to document children’s interests and what skills they are mastering, and their future goals; we understand that it is not meaningful to have all children do the same thing simultaneously. Therefore, when our educators plan for the child’s day, they provide different materials, loose parts, and different experiences to keep the children engaged in authentic learning. This childcare pedagogy allows our educators to offer individualized programming for every child.

A Day in the Life of an Infant at Preschool Canada

For the first few months of your child being with us, our educators work extra hard to ensure that your child feels welcomed, safe and works with your child’s routine, which they have been accustomed to at home. Consistency is the key to a smooth transition from home to childcare. As your child gets accustomed to our daily routine, they will enjoy a maximum of 2 hours of outdoor time per day.  They will also participate in age-appropriate learning engagements throughout the day.  We offer two snack times and a mealtime; however additional nutritious snacks will be provided should your child require them. They will interact with other children, making friends and our staff, forming meaningful and trusting relationships.

Toddler / 18 months – 30 months (2.5 years)

Classroom Size: 15 Children | 3 Educators

A Day in the Life of a Toddler at Preschool Canada

In the toddler room, children will engage in many different learning experiences. They will participate in many areas of learning throughout the day! Our educators plan sensorial learning engagements and various small activities that foster the children’s fine motor skills. Our educators use the “How Does Learning Happen?” and the ELECT Document to guide their planning and children’s interests. Children in the toddler program can look forward to 2 hours a day of outdoor play, two snacks and lunch, and lots of time to move through educational centers set up in the room. Our toddlers also have a 2 hour rest period where they nap on their cots; this allows them the rest their growing bodies and minds throughout the day!

Learning through Play and an Emergent Curriculum

Toddlers learn new experiences through socialization, self-help skills, language development, fine and gross motor development and eye-hand coordination. Our program support toddlers to build on their gross motor skills such as; walking, climbing, running, throwing a ball, and building strength and balance coordination throughout the day. Our educators observe, document and implement children’s interest in programming to make those positive relationships with one another and within a small group, which allows expressing communication by;

  • Using Language Skills
  • How to get their bodies moving using their motor skills
  • How to respect one another
  • Self-regulation
  • Developing Skills using the ELECT document

In addition to self-help skills, we begin to work on age-appropriate numeracy, literacy and, most important social skills.  Our educators embed these skills into our everyday routine to ensure that children enjoy and learn these important life skills.

Preschool / 30 months – 6 years old

Classroom Size: 24 Children | 3 Educators

A Day in the Life of a Preschooler at Preschool Canada

The preschool children in our campuses are immersed in engaging, thought-provoking projects, engaging children in learning opportunities to get them ready for Kindergarten success.  Preschool Canada’s rooms are designed as a Kindergarten room, with age-appropriate materials to successfully educate children on fundamental skills they will need to move into the elementary school system.  Our Preschool room staff break up the class into small groups, as we understand children learn better and can be more resilient in smaller group sizes. Your children will enjoy a healthy cooked on-site lunch with two snacks. Our preschool children also rest their bodies for 2 hours and enjoy outdoor play for 2 hours a day.

Learning through Play and an Emergent Curriculum

Our educators implement experiences that allow our preschoolers to broaden and deepen their self-help skills, allowing a life of learning and empowering them to make positive contributions to the world around them. Our preschool environment is full of engaging materials to encourage children to develop their literacy and numerous skills, cognitive skills, gross and fine motor skills, social and emotional skills.

We continue teaching our preschool children the important fundamental skillsand prepare them for their Kindergarten experience by practicing their self-help skills; we encourage our children to put their jackets on and off, boots, zippers, etc. We also work hand in hand with families on potty training

We embed these skills into our everyday routine to ensure that children enjoy and learn these important life skills.

At Eh to Zed Preschool Canada, Early Learning Academy encourageschildren to be independent by using self-help skills that they have learned and build on those experience which can lead to developmental skills such as;

  • Problem-solving
  • Critical-thinking
  • Conflict resolution

Encouraging these skills allows children to build on their self-help, literacy and numerous, and social-emotional skills to be ready for Kindergarten!

Preschool Canada has Speech Clinics in their centres. These clinics offer speech therapy for children with speech delays and need extra help with their speech. This service is provided by Certified Speech Pathologists.

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