Social Skilled

Socialskilled Inc ~ Extracurriculars for Exceptional Kids.

Eh to Zed Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy, we view each child as being competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. We understand the uniqueness and different attributes each child brings to the centre. Preschool Canada also understands that each child has a diverse background, and we encourage their differences to come forth in daily activities in the centre. Each child has the ability to grow, develop and participate in our program to its full capacity.

Preschool Canada also believes that our children grow with more knowledge and learning through play and life learning skills. We strive to ensure that children and families feel secure bringing their children to our campuses.

Socialskilled will offer the Science with Friends and Art with Friends program.

Through a partnership with Preschool Canada, Socialskilled will be rolling out additional programs at multiple Preschool Canada locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, including Durham, York and Peel Regions and Toronto, in 2021.

Preschool Canada cannot wait for Socialskilled Inc. to launch and grow within our communities and support children with special needs.