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Program Statement

At Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy Campuses, we view each child as being competent, capable, curious, and rich in potential. We understand the uniqueness and different attributes each child brings to the Campus. We also understand that each child has a diverse background, and we encourage their differences to come forth in daily activities on the campus. Each child has the ability to grow, develop, and participate in our program to its full capacity. Every day, we work diligently with the children to ensure our goals are met. We strive to allow each child to be resilient, be curious, and explore through hands-on activities. Our goal is to observe and understand each child so that we may plan learning engagements and activities based on their interests and abilities.

At Preschool Canada, we strongly believe that children are bright and competent individuals that strive to be the best they can be. Our educators ensure that the children are constantly challenged based on their interests; our program statement describes the goals that help guide our educators to assist children in their development through our programs. The approaches we use help to:

Goals & Approaches

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