Our Classrooms & Furniture

At Preschool Canada, we aim for each of our classrooms to be a healthy, beautiful and inspiring learning environment. You will find that each space is:

  • Spacious
  • Bright
  • Neutral in colour
  • Contemporary in design

We believe in calming, natural and accessible environments for children where they can more easily adapt and play in their environment, self-regulate, communicate and be creative. We strategically design our spaces this way so that children are not distracted, overwhelmed or overstimulated by too many colours, clutter, cramped quarters or furniture that wasn’t designed for their small bodies.

For the design, layout and furniture used in our campuses, we work with Avron and Natural Pod to ensure that our spaces are ideally scaled and sized, as well as safe for children and the environment.

Customized for Each Age Group

At each of our 10 campus locations, we offer different programs tailored to different age groups. Because of each age group’s unique stage of growth and learning, we customize each space and classroom so that it complements the students and their learning skills. For example, in our Infant Program, each child has their own crib; in our preschool spaces, you will find many small tables and child-sized chairs, accessible and safe shelving, and lots of space to move around.

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