Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy

Established in 2014, we have continued to rapidly grow as a franchise nationwide. Our focus has always been providing a safe and nurturing environment where we support each family as individuals and all children are welcome.


Our programs are carefully planned by our trained teachers and are implemented to help support children during their learning process.

We follow the “How does learning Happen” document from the Ministry of Education and have embedded this document into our daily practices.


Preschool Canada offers a wide variety of programs. Our goal is to be able to provide exceptional and unique programs to support the children within our centres. Each Preschool Canada centre has a speech clinic room with a Speech Pathologist. We are always looking for ways to support our families.



We want you to be a part of our success. Preschool Canada has multiple revenue streams, which allow Owners/Operator to join hands with other successful business models all under one roof.

Everyone benefits from this type of partnership, especially the children. Be sure to check our Franchise section for more information.

socialskilled provides fun recreational programs for school-aged children with exceptionalities who may find attending or fitting into traditional leisure activities challenging or impossible.

socialskilled is excited to bring you: FUN WITH FRIENDS. This weekly 1.5 hour co-ed program will cover a variety of different activities that your child will explore and enjoy, including, physical activities and games, science, and the arts. Our launch program will be offered for two age groupings (4-7 and 8-12), with flexibility to ensure the perfect fit for your child.

Through our partnership with Preschool Canada, FUN WITH FRIENDS will be operating out of their brand new facility at Concorde Gate in Toronto, this September.

socialskilled will be rolling out additional programs at multiple Preschool Canada locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, including Durham, York and Peel Regions. More fun programs to follow, including, SCIENCE WITH FRIENDS and ART WITH FRIENDS.