From Isolation to Appreciation, our children’s perspectives will change the world

I know it was not easy for the children to go through what they went through; the regulations and confusion that surrounded them. They had nothing to do with it, yet yielded the burden of the consequences. They did not understand that the world was trying to protect them from COVID-19, but they could sense it. Through countless situations, staff tried their best to listen, observe, and engage with the children to help them stay the same. With growing access to sites and learning to cope with new regulations, the summer of 2021 came slowly. Finally, we started to hear the children’s voices in the parks and streets again. When we walk by our Eh to Zed playground, we listen and watch them laugh, smile, and play as they try to discover the world again.

Staff were facilitators throughout this process.  We helped children understand that we are here for them and we are protecting them.   Slowly, with the help of our Eh to Zed team, the children began to gain their confidence back, be independent and to explore the new norm and the impact these new norms have on their environment.

Children began to ask questions again about the situation they were in and how it all began. They started to put their words together and create sentences again to communicate with each other and their educators. They were asked to investigate and explore their communities. While considering risks, as staff, we opened our doors and listen to the children by caring for their needs as they grew and contributed to the children’s wealth of knowledge.  We did this by respecting those steps and helping the children to rediscover the world around.  We encourage and foster decision making and problem solving; we are making fundamental changes with extra care. From isolation to appreciation of growth, I bet that today’s children will be the change of tomorrow.

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Written by Shima Hasan Chief Administrative Officer @ Preschool Canada


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