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COVID-19 caught the world off guard; our franchisees and head office team worked together to put all the new policies and safety health measurements in place for our campuses. Eh to Zed Preschool Canada uses the term “TOGETHER,” which means, from the infants we care for through all organization levels.

Supporting the community is not new to Preschool Canada. Our Aurora Campus quickly reacted by opening throughout COVID-19 for the emergency care program to help our frontline workers. Our team knew how to support our local heroes, that worked endlessly on the frontlines to protect our community.

Our CEO & Founder is always thankful to all our members, franchisees and especially our educators on the front lines! As a father of four children, he understands the importance of childcare to the economy and re-openschildcare responsibly. And he recognized the struggle of childcare costs significantly as lockdown restrictions ease across the board.

As Ontario moves into Phase 3, Our CEO, Shadi, and his leadership team have been working behind the scenes working tirelessly on possible support programs to offer our members, and he announced;


The program is specifically designed to support our amazing members and families!

An allocation fund of $18,000.00 in corporate credits will be applied across all our sites based on each campus’s need.

We strive to demonstrate the qualities of what it is to be Canadian by doing what we can to support each of you to the best of our abilities.

Together- Canada Strong! We’ve got your back!

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