Welcome! We are thrilled to join your community and are eager to open our doors to your family as we invite you to explore our newest Preschool Canada location in Innisfil.

As with any fast-growing community, we know the need for quality child care is a top priority for families, and our goal at the Innisfil location is to provide exactly that.

Our commitment to high quality early learning and care is reflected in our beliefs and throughout our learning environment.

Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy - Innisfil Location

1472 Innisfil Beach Road
Innisfil, ON L9S 4J1
Contact: Melissa De Castro
Phone: 705-431-5252

Services Offered:

Infants, Toddler, Preschool, Speech Clinic

We believe that children are capable, competent, and naturally curious. Through self-directed play, children experience a state of engagement that allows them to explore materials and make connections to their world. Skilled educators who are warm and responsive, engage with children as co-learners, and value their ideas and contributions, helping to facilitate sequential growth.

We believe children’s families are paramount in their child’s/children’s learning experiences and value each family’s unique contribution to our program. We believe that children can achieve their optimal potential when we work in partnership with families. Our goal is to provide an environment that is an extension of a child’s home and family, creating indoor and outdoor spaces that reflects the natural beauty, diversity, and inclusiveness that the town of Innisfil and its families have to offer.

Capitalizing on Innisfil’s beautiful surrounding, our centre incorporates many natural elements within our centre. The walls mimic the natural gray and blue tones found in the sky, and our natural wood furniture, carpets and floors resemble the many shades of brown and grey found in nature. These nature inspired spaces also allow children’s learning and art work to be celebrated as our central focus, not overshadowed by other elements. Our outdoor space is an extension of our indoor classrooms. In time, our hope is to create a garden, mud kitchen, some small huts, a sandbox, and a stage. These natural elements and use of the outdoors as an extension of our learning area, aides in creating an environment that can provide a sense of calm, give children more space and additional opportunities to practice self-regulation, and actively express themselves and display their learning abilities in new and exciting ways.

At Preschool Canada, we know that each child learns at his or her own pace. Our Innisfil location recognizes the important role that early intervention can play in children’s overall development, and thus, we are proud to be able to provide families with access to our on-site speech clinic.

At Preschool Canada’s Innisfil location, we believe that learning is a life-long journey and are committed to continuous growth and creating an atmosphere where children, families, and our educators can experience a state of engagement, expression, well-being and belonging. In working together, we create a sense of unity, respect for others and encourage perseverance. We look forward to growing alongside you!

Melissa de Castro

Director and Owner of Innisfil Preschool Canada centre

My name is Melissa de Castro, and I am eager to begin my adventure as the director and owner of our Innisfil Preschool Canada centre. Like many of you, I am a working parent and quality child care is paramount. I have always wanted to open a childcare centre of my own. A centre that allows families to feel confident in the childcare choice they have made for their child/children. Now that this opportunity has come my way, I am thrilled to provide families with just that.

My journey as an Early Childhood Educator, began over 20 years ago. I have always found myself intrigued by children and their development. As a teenager, I gravitated to opportunities that allowed me to engage with children. These experiences, encouraged me to seek a career as an educator. I soon found myself actively engaged in this decision. I enrolled in the Collaborative Early Childhood Education program at George Brown College and Ryerson University. There, my interest for early childhood and emergent curriculum were further developed. Upon graduation, I found myself wanting to explore many childcare settings. I have worked for George Brown lab schools, emergent curriculum centres in Toronto and Bradford. I have also had the opportunity of facilitating and educating kindergarten students at the School Board level. These employment opportunities, have strengthened my knowledge in early education, emergent curriculum and play-based learning. My role as a Designated Early Childhood Educator for the Simcoe County School board, has given me insight to what is taught in our Ontario Kindergarten programs. I am confident that my achievements and experiences as an educator, will aid me in creating a positive atmosphere for both families and educators. I am confident that our program will assist each child in their learning and encourage them to become ready and competent life learners.

Please come and visit us at our Preschool Canada Innisfil location.