Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy Guelph

Unit 1 – 322 Eastview Rd.
Guelph N1E 0L2

Phone: 519-766-8469

Services Offered:

Infants, Toddler & Preschool

Welcome to Preschool Canada Guelph! We offer a unique curriculum for all children to grow and develop based off their abilities. We believe every child is bright and capable of surpassing expectation.

We work alongside your family to ensure your child develops and grows to their full potential to ensure peace of mind when beginning their new journey before school.

We pride ourselves in the professional relationships we build with our families and children, which plays a huge role in the type of environment we build for our children which increases your children’s progression in an inclusive and engaging environment.

Ericka Barahona

Franchisee - My success story

I began my journey with Preschool Canada at the age of 22, all from a simple interview with a man that gave me a chance. At my age it’s difficult to meet people who will give you an opportunity for challenge and growth considering I had only been in the childcare field for less than 3 years. He saw potential and drive for a bigger dream for the daycare. I had been working with him for a year and a half when he offered me the chance to own a franchise, he believed in my vision and offered me the opportunity and support to make my dream come true.