Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy - Toronto

Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy – Toronto

3 Concorde Gate
Toronto, Ontario M3C 3N7

Phone: 416-447-6474

Our Programs

Our Infant program is a welcoming, warm environment where your infant can develop naturally.  We create engaging experiences that encourage exploration and inquisitiveness, which fosters the critical development that occurs during a child’s first 18 months of life.  Through Emergent Curriculum your child will experience rich and stimulating interactions, which will help to enhance their social, physical and language development.

Our Toddler program uses Emergent Curriculum and play based learning to provide a hands on environment, which allows your child to fully explore their environment.  Our toddlers enjoy learning experiences that promote social development, self-confidence and their new found independence.  Our teachers help each child individually reach their full potential through the Emergent Curriculum and we provide a safe and nurturing opportunities for children to express their emotional and physical development.

Our Preschool program encourages children to be active and explore their surroundings.  Our teachers create intentional learning experiences that invite curiosity and discovery through Emergent Curriculum.  Preschoolers learn how to grow into school-ready students through fun and meaningful learning experiences.

Our Summer Camp curriculum encourages each child to explore their surroundings in nature and be inspired through intentional programming. Campers are also invited to explore STEM based activities which challenge their technical skills and allow them to accomplish projects with hands on learning experiences, while also encouraging theoretical thinking. Campers learn critical social and team building skills while creating memories to last a lifetime.

Welcome to Preschool Canada – Toronto Location. We would like to thank you for your consideration of our location. We truly believe children are Capable, competent and rich in potential. Children are naturally curious, through rich learning environments we are able to provide children with many opportunities to explore and learn various skills.

We strive to provide a warming family like centre where all children and families feel invited and comfortable.

We look forward to working alongside you are your child(ren) on their early learning journey.

We’re honored that you trust our preschool to work with you in providing this rich and stimulating school foundation for your child!  The warm home environment you provide for your child and ongoing communication with us will ensure that your preschooler continues to grow into his or her own special person. We look forward to making this exciting new chapter of your child’s life as wonderful as possible.