Outdoor Play Improves Your Child’s Mental and Physical Health

We always hear about how important is in to keep our children physically healthy and help them burn off some energy; however a big factor in today’s society is also improving our children’s mental health.

Approximately 1 out of every 10 children suffers from a form of mental health.

Back in the day parents would allow their children to play outdoors until the sun went down. However with the increase in traffic and higher crime rates parents have become more fearful of allowing their children to play outdoors. Let’s face it! We also are so busy with work and house chores that we make little to no time to engage with our children outside.

Studies worldwide demonstrate the improvement in mental, psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing of children who play outside daily. How can we incorporate this in our daily lives… outdoor dinners, backyard time, park time, going for a walk. Fresh air allows us to sleep better! Yes I said the magical word sleep better.


Vitmain D is very important; it acts in our bodies as a hormone to help release serotonin in the brain. The most natural way to receive vitamin d is through the sun. Even 15 – 20 minutes outside plays a big factor in receiving vitamin d.


Outside time is a fantastic way to physically get active as a family and support our children’s little brains. Many parents cannot find the time to go outside for long periods of time after a long day of work. As little as 10 Minutes before bath time daily is beneficial. Chalk is easy and fun along with water tables on hot summer days.

Don’t want water everywhere? Try filling water balloons with water and placing them in the water table!

Winter time is always a wonderful time to explore the snow and breathe in some fresh air, although the sun in not out very often in the winter it is still important to be outside. Keep in mind the ray of the sun also delivers vitamin d and it does not need to be sunny for that.

Make going outside as part of your daily routine, you will notice such a change in everyone’s behavior!

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